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BTX Salt Lake City and its staff began its origin in 1981 in the western regions of the tradeshow and Museum arenas. From that auspicious and early beginning we were inundated with requests to service corporations throughout the entire United States. Currently we are actively providing outstanding service to clients that span from coast to coast, throughout Canada and internationally.

BTX Salt Lake City will continue to become educated in the latest upgrades in all facets of our industry. Remaining a leader of customer service and satisfaction to each and every client we partner with.

From working with so many of you over the years, BTX Salt Lake City has determined that next to excellent service, is the need for quality transportation dates. Hence, we do not participate in the industry trend by providing a schedule of set runs that circulate around the country. It is our design to customize our load dates around you and your exhibit management's needs. Whether we load from show site, your exhibit builder, or your storage facility, we want to provide you with the maximum time needed to get ďshow readyĒ. Understanding that your exhibit needs are unique to your firm's agenda, BTX Salt Lake City can be instrumental in pre-show planning and consolidation that might be of benefit to your organization's bottom line.

With that in mind, following is a list of services we provide. The uniqueness of this industry is its own uniqueness. Hence, it is common practice to tailor each one of the following services to your corporate itinerary. Donít ever hesitate to ask. Itís our industry, itís why we love it, itís why we excel in it.

¬ Air Freight, Air Freight, Air Freight ¬ LTL & full truckload
¬ Air ride surface transportation ¬ On-site representation
¬ Blanket wrap, crated, mixed ¬ Online communications
¬ Crating, packing, I&D ¬ Overnight, 2nd day, deferred
¬ Complete customs documentation ¬ Storage and Inventory Control
¬ Direct air freight services ¬ Store Fixture Shipping
¬ Excelled 24 hr. customer service ¬ Student Relocations
¬ Expert show drivers ¬ Traveling exhibits
¬ International shipping  

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